American Indian Cultural Society, Inc.

Memorial Ceremonies Held for this year:

Dates: **July 13, 2007 after noon **July 14, 2007 starts 6:00pm **
** Someone will be on the Land

COME BE A PART OF TRADITION Bring lawn chairs camping over night is permitted with prior reservation. Cold drinks and water will be available for a donation. FREE SUPPER before the ceremonies POT LUCK Please bring something!!!!

RSVP to phone (972) 494-7044 or 24 Hr. fax (214) 333-1944 or e-mail either or please include the number of people in your group that will be attending. Someone will be on the LAND July 13th after noon for those that are camping. Water, electricity and "necessary" facilities are available.

(85) miles east of Dallas - go east out I-20 as if you were going to Canton,Tx. exit hwy. 64 off I-20 right at stop sign go thru Caton, Ben Wheeler, Midway into Red land it is about 25 miles east of Canton turn left onto VZ 4923 (2.4 miles to the LAND) look for the signs.

(12) miles West of Tyler on hwy. 64 turn right on VZ4923 look for the signs.

(You may send your donations to the Address on page one.)
Donations will be used to pay for the LAND and its upkeep!!!!
We are also looking for more membership, contact A.I.C.S.

We also need people to help us to raise Funds * Garages Sales * Bake Sales * Auction * etc...

WE Are The Keepers Of The LAND!!!!

Cherokee Language Lesson

Cherokee			(TSA--LA--GI)
Hello, name			(O--SI--YO), name
How are you?			(TO--HI--JU?)
I'm fine			(TO--HI--GWU.)
And how are you?		(NI--HI--NA, TO--HI--GWUS?)
Yes, (I am) fine		(V, TO--HI--GWU)
Thank You			(WADO)
Eagle				(A--WO--HI--LI)
Numbers				(DI-SE-S-DI)
One				(SA-QUO)
Two				(TA-LI)
Three				(TSO-I)
Four				(NV-GI)
Five				(HI-S-GI)
Six				(SU-DA-LI)

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