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We walk with our ancestral spirits on the LAND!!!!

Historical LAND in Van Zandt County "12 miles West of Tyler and 85 miles East of  Dallas." A. I. H. C. of Texas Inc. Has turned over the management of the LAND to: American Indian Cultural Society, Inc. a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization!

On this land, The Texas Cherokee and 12 associated bands, led by Chief Bowles (Duwali), Chief Big Mush and six other Chiefs and many men, women and children, perished along with the burning of a Delaware village on (July 16, 1839). The associated bands were made up of Cherokee, Shawnee, Delaware, Kickapoo, Quapaw, Choctaw, Biloxi, Ioni, Alabama, Coushatta, Caddo of the Neches, Tahocullake, Mataquo and possible other groups.

We have personally taken on the responsibility of preservation and maintaining this sacred ground. Helping to preserve it as a memorial and sanctuary for all who wish to HONOR and RESPECT the ancient traditions, beliefs, and customs of all American Indian people!!!!

This place is now and forever considered sacred ground by many. The spirits of the men, women and children slain there can still be felt. Their blood and tears forever stain the LAND!!!!

Each year on July 16th, the anniversary date, we hold memorial ceremonies at the Marker on the LAND. This LAND is also known as: 2nd day site "The Battle of the Neches."

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We are planning the (168th) Annual Memorial Ceremonies for July 14, 2007 on the LAND.

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