Students Becoming Heroines and Heros

The students of Pattison Elementary, located in Katy, Texas, are raising funds to purchase library books for the children of Lone Man School, a federal Indian reservation school in Oglala, SD. This project is being conducted as part of a school-wide initiative emphasizing reading and in conjunction with a special day, "Real Heroines and Heroes Read, Too" scheduled for February 19, 1996, where local and national "heroines and heros" come to Pattison Elementary and read to the children. Scheduled readers include former Texas Govenor and Mrs. Mark White, astronaut COl. Blain Hammond, Hazel Pattison, namesake of the school and former teacher, as well as many other political business and sports representatives.

After seeing a report on the CBS Morning Show in October about the conditions at the Lone Man School, a Pattison parent suggested the idea of a fund raiser for library books for the Lone Man School. The idea was presented to the principal to partner with this school in a way that would involve the efforts of Pattison students. Henry Boltjes, principal at Lone Man was contacted and was more than willing to be a part of the project.

The original CBS Morning Show clip was shared with the children, and it was explained that the individual efforts of each child when combined together could result in many book purchased to teach and inspire the children of Lone Man School. Pattison children are very excited at their involvement in this project and are raising funds through their own efforts. Pattison Elementary was presented the National Award of Excellence in 1994 by President Clinton. Sara Eggleston, Principal, says "We believe strongly in sharing ourselves and our talents along with informing children about their roles as citizens and their responsibilities to community, both locally and globally. It is our hope that this effort 'plants a seed' for other children to become involved in helping others."

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