Cherokee Messenger
May 1996

Next Monthly Meeting

Thursday, May 2, 1996
7:00 Social hour and 7:30 Program and Presentation
Tracy Gee Community Center
3599 Westcenter, Houston TX
(713) 266-8193

BJ Callihan shares wisdom on "Cherokee Cooking"

Operation Papoose

CCS members and Texans have become very generous with time, energy and resources to assist less fortunate persons among the Indian/Native American population. The Kickapoo Drive, launched by the American Indian Chamber of Commerce and supported also by CCS, annually helps poverty stricken Indians near Eagle Pass. Our own members are donating to Cherokees in Oklahoma. Among the most impoverished are the Lakota people of the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. Last month, a diverse group of Houstonians visited this area to determine how best to help and to initiate a self-help program. Our own Lori Lipke, also executive director of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Carol Porter and husband Hurt Porter, famous as local Kid-Care founders, were among those who visited the bleak and isolated environment. The children are a special focus for assistance, and Carol Power lends her expertise from her Houston meals on wheels for children project to aid the Lakota children. Donated food will supplement a "community garden" which will be established on the reservation.

How to Assist: A truck will travel back to Pine Ridge during the third week of May to deliver donations. Please bring to our May 2 meeting non-perishable groceries, gardening implements, or seeds. If this is not feasible, a check made out to "Kid-Care for Operation Papoose" can be mailed to Kid-Care, PO Box 92025, Houston, TX 77206. For information call, (713) 695-5437.

Wordcraft Circle Conference

November 22-23, 1996
North Harris County College
Calling all writers and budding writers: anyone with a story to tell and/or interest in the Cherokee language! Cherokees have many fine stories to develop, and many others wish to learn more about the Cherokee language. The conference has secures the services of Greg Howard, owner of VIP Publishing, Inc., to lead a language class. The conference holds great potential for those at all levels of writing skills. Watch for further details. Call to assist with the conference or for information: Janet Peatross 931-5207/801-6374.

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