Cherokee Messenger
June 1995

The Tsalagi Name for the month of June isi-tsi Se-Lu U-DO-SV-NO-E-hi.
It means Green Corn Moon.

The name of the Moon for this month is Corn Planting.
In Tsalagi SE-LU ga-go-ti.

The animal totem for this month is Deer.
In Tsalagi A-wi.

Cherokee Nation Gearing Up For Tribal Elections

Tahlequah, OK. Every four years Cherokee Nation tribal members have the opportunity to select candidates who will represent them as part of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Government.

This year the election will be held on June 17. There are approximately 26,500 registered Cherokee voters who will have a large number of candidates to choose from for principal chief, deputy chief and the 15-seat tribal council.

The principal and deputy chiefs are elected at large by popular vote. The tribal council is elected by districts. There are nine districts as a result of voters amending the Cherokee constitution in 1987. The tribe began electing council members by districts in 1991.

Ten candidates have filed for office of principal chief. The winner will replace outgoing chief Wilma P. Mankiller, who chose not to seek office after serving 10 years as principal chief. Nine candidates have filed for deputy chief and the opportunity to replace John A. Ketcher who also chose not to seek re-election after serving 10 years as deputy chief.

The list of candidates for principal chief includes: George Bearpaw, Stilwell; Mary Elizabeth Birmingham, Tahlequah; Jim Burris, Fort Gibson; Joe Byrd, Tahlequah; Charles Juby, Sperry; Chad Smith, Colcord; Harry Tootle, Las Vegas, Nev; Raymond Vann, Tahlequah; Harold Wade, Fort Gibson; and George Wickliffe, Vinita.

The list of candidates for deputy principal chief includes: Nova Beck, Owasso; Jessup Bryant, Tahlequah; Gary Chapman, Tahlequah; James Garland Eagle, Stilwell; Randy Herrington, Broken Arrow; Barbara Martiens, Cookson; C.J. Noble, Sallisaw; Harley L. Terrell, Park Hill; and Michael David Tomes, Bixby.

Filings for tribal council District 1, Cherokee County, includes: Pamela Chuckluck Bacon, Tahlequah; Bill Baker, Tahlequah; Don Crittenden Tahlequah; James Duffield, Tahlequah; Tommie Ruth (Reese) Fishinghawk, Mige Glory, Hulbert; Goodlow Proctor, Tahlequah; and Jack Reavis, Tahlequah.

Filings for District 3, Sequoyah County, includes; Sam Ed Bush Sr., Marble City; Mary Flute Cooksey, Marble City; Sam Daughtery, Muldrow; Rodger Hartley, Sallisaw; and R. Perry Wheeler, Sallisaw.

Filings for Districts 4, McIntosh, Muskogee and Wagoner Counties, includes; Patsy Brickey, Fort Gibson; Paula Holder, Warner; Emmet C. "Spike" Kelley Jr.; Troy Wayne Poteete, Webbers Falls; and Calvin Rock, Muskogee.

Filings for District 5, Delaware and Ottawa Counties, include; Johnnie Backwater, Salina; George Cummings, Jay; Barbara Conness Mitchell, Kansas; Melvina Shotpouch, Jay; and Barbara Starr Scott, Jay.

Filings for District 6, Mayes County, includes; Santi Garrett, Spavinaw; and William Smoke, Spavinaw.

Filings for District 7, Rogers County, include; Harold DeMoss, Inola; James "Jim" Gann, Big Cabin; Glen Henson, Claremore; and Flo Walters, Claremore.

Filings for District 8, Tulsa and Washington Counties, include Maudie Brazille, Tulsa; Betty Haynes, Tulsa; Louise Imerbthama, Owasso; and Nick Lay, Ochelata.

Filings for District 9, Crain and Nowata Counties, includes: Earnest Clark, Vinita; and Charles (Chuck) Hoskin, Vinita.

Forty-three candidates have filed to run for seats on the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council. Candidates DeMoss, Poteete, Holder, Brazille, Smoke, Shotpouch, Cooksey, Mitchell, Bush, Crittenden and Glory are all incumbent members of the council.

For more information about the tribal election, contact the Cherokee Tribal Election Commission at: (918) 458-5899 or toll free 1-800-353-2895

Presenting Statements from some of the Candidates for Principal Chief:
Presenting Statements from some of the Candidates for Deputy Principal Chief:

Cherokee Cultural Society is Awarded Arts Council Grant

The Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County is pleased to announce fiscal year 1995 grant awards totaling $40,000 to eighteen arts groups in support of nine joint projects under the Collaborations Program. The Collaborations Program is funded by the City of Houston through the Arts Council, with additional support from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

The Cherokee Cultural Society & Museum of Fine Arts, Houston were awarded $1,320 for a weekend festival featuring Native American films and cultural activities that will be held at the museum in November, 1995.

"The Collaborations grants encourage arts groups to come together to share artistic and administrative resources, diverse cultures and audiences," said CACHH executive Marion McCollam. The grants support partnering, a dynamic cooperative process under which organizations work closely to further mutually beneficial goals to enhance programs and to reach new audiences.

For more information, call the Arts Council at (713) 527-9330

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