Cherokee Messenger
July, 1999

Cherokee Cultural Society Meetings

Thursday, August 5, 1999 7:00 p.m. social gathering, 7:30 p.m. program

CCS members Patty and Joe Davis will enlighten us on "American Indian Ceremonials" including information on the Stomp Dance.

Meeting location: The Tracy Gee Community Center, at 3599 Westcenter, one block south of Richmond, east of the Sam Houston Tollway West Belt. Guests are eligible for the door prize awarded that night. Look forward to these great CCS programs and bring a friend to enjoy them:

The CCS Membership Contest

September 2, 1999 is the deadline for contestants to bring in at least six (6) new CCS members. The top three contestants will be eligible to choose one of these prizes:

Contact Vicki at for membership applications, or Houstonians can contact Terry Thompson, 281-890-4403, for applications. Good luck in your trek toward a great prize and more CCS members!

Our Thought Are With You

BEST WISHES AND PRAYERS FOR DAN CROSBY AND FAMILY as he undergoes lung surgery during July. Our long time friend is most intent on a full recovery and has many friends pulling for him.

SPEEDY RECOVERY TO TERRY THOMPSON, our CCS Membership Chair and avid supporter, who is enduring spinal surgery also during July. Terry is enthusiastic for a healthier future, and we all wish him the very best.

Most Sincere Sympathy To:

Long time CCS member Millie Barnes, on the death of her mother, Edith Howerton Barnes, who was born in Shamrock, Creek County, Oklahoma, the daughter of Jacob Columbus Howerton, and is listed on the 1910 census. Millie attended the very first CCS meeting at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in November, 1992.

To all loved ones of our friend Ed Cornplanter on his passing June 26, 1999. Most remember Ed as a very talented artist, writer and dancer who was a most gentle and kind person. His final resting place is back home, in upstate New York near his Seneca family, where he was buried in full regalia July 2, 1999.

Poetry Corner

"Black Are The Memories"
by Katy Ward

Black are the memories of hope that never came;
Black are the memories of hate's accurate aim.

Black are the memories that took their speech away;
Black are the memories of that Colorado day.

Black are the memories as chills ran up their spines;
Black are the memories of those awful, awful crimes.

Black are the memories of friends they will never again see;
Black are the memories of not being able to flee.

Black are the memories, now turned to families' sorrows;
Black are the memories of those who will breathe no more tomorrows.

Black are the questions of wondering "why?"
Why did all those school children have to die?

Katy Ward, now 13, was 12 years old when she wrote the poem about the Littleton, CO school massacre. Her mother is CCS member Joan Douglas.

"My Trail"
by Anastasia Allen
As I am taken from my home
The place where I am happy
To the place of my despair
I go strong
For I will never leave my home forever
I leave a promise of return
For as I go
I leave my spirit behind
So remember me
Because I will return
With the lines of life
And scars of labor
Creasing my hands,
My story written in my face.
And when I lift my head,
And hear the song of my soul
Calling on the eastern wind
I will know that the time has come
To walk the path
Led by the rose
And silent mothers
So don't forget me,
I will come home and
I will have a story to tell

Anastasia Allen is an internet friend who is Eastern Cherokee and Osage, with relatives from North Carolina and Arkansas. Currently a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland who grew up in New Mexico, she is the youngest council woman in the Cherokee Nation of The Appalachians Tribal Council at age 19.

News From North Texas

The Northeast Texas Intercultural Alliance is a nonprofit organization currently developing 158 acres in Daingerfield, Texas into the Black Mountain Nature Center. Upon completion, the Center will be available for meetings, campouts, pow wows, etc. It is associated with the Jane Goodall Institute and her "Roots & Shoots" program for children. Many CCS members recall Martha Sebastian as a feisty, innovative Cherokee elder in Houston. Yes, she is the driving force behind this too, along with Gregg Howard and others. Contact for further information: Project Manager Linda Deermoon Turner, e-mail

Web Watch

Job Openings

Pamela Petersen-Frey of Magnolia Studios wrote June 21, 1999 that they are a multilingual design and printing company in Atlanta Georgia, with 50 employees, seeking qualified individuals to fill the following positions by September. (1) Receptionist (2) Proofreader/Quality Control and (3) Customer Service Support. The company employs persons to translate and typeset in all languages. Most involve from English into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. They are always happy to meet new translators! The company is especially interested in offering opportunities to Native Americans and individuals with multicultural backgrounds as a way of expanding their capabilities. Individuals can respond by phone 770-988-9551, fax 770-988-9539, or e-mail: Mailing address: Magnolia Studios, 120 Interstate North Parkway East, Suite 444, Atlanta, Georgia 30339.

We Need To Plug Into The REST of the Story...

Many of you are familiar with our CCS webpage, but many more have NO COMPUTER or use "e-mail only" accounts at someone's computer. The PRINT VERSION of this newsletter goes to all the rest of our readers! It keeps our name out there in the public, at events such as pow wows. WE NEED A DONOR SOURCE TO KEEP THE PRINT VERSION ALIVE! Now is the time to support the newsletter project with ANY timely source to fund black and white, two-sided, ledger-sized pages. Monthly needs are about 325 copies. Contact Wade McAlister (h) 281-440-7676, (w) 713-465-7590, e-mail OR e-mail

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