Dear Readers:

The following questions have been put to us at the Cherokee Cultural Society, and we would like help from you. If you have information about any of the following topics, please email to All answers will be posted in the coming weeks.
  1. My name is Linda Sole and I am a research librarian in Denver, Co. I have been asked to do a presentation on the use of color in Native culture, especially concerning the fur trade era. I have Cherokee ancestry and I know from what I've read that there are specific uses of color to symbolize different things. Most of the sources have not been written by the Native peoples but by white anthropologists and movie script writers. This would be a good opportunity to hear from your readership and present what is truly thought not assumed. For example: Why were blue seed beads traded more often than red or yellow until later in the 19th Century. Or why do you see a predominance of blue and white designs until much later. I would appreciate any help. The presentation is in April of 1997. They can e-mail me at or mail at:

    Linda Sole
    12332 W. Iowa Dr.
    Lakewood, Co 80228

  2. I would like to learn how to make wrapped leather walking sticks.

  3. What significance were conch shell trumpets to the old Cherokee before removal?

  4. I am looking for some sort of Cherokee tribal marking. Any suggestions?

  5. Does anyone have information or know the story behind the rock called "Cherokee Rose"?
Thanks to you all for your help and support.

Deborah Scott
Cherokee Cultural Society Society.

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