Bean Bread
tu-ya ga-du

Submitted by Joann Cordell, Eastern Cherokee

How bean bread is made. You take wood ashes and pot them in a pot with water. Bring it to heat; add shinny corn, not the other one and boil. Every once in awhile you remove a corn and check it to see if the outer part will slip off.

When it's ready, you take it to flowing water, either your spring or now a days to the kitchen tap and rinse off the husk and rinse until water runs clear.

Now you gonna pound that corn, while all this is going on you are cooking some beans. People use pinto beans now instead of the old wild beans that grow here in the East but with no salt. Salt makes it crumble.

So, when you got the corn all pounded and the beans cooked, you either have your hickory leaves or your corn blades ready to use. If you are using corn blades you have dried from harvest, you pour boiling water over them to make them back flexible.

You mix the corn and beans together with a little bean juice and pat them out into a patty sort of a thing and wrap them up in the leaves or the corn blades. Tie the bundle up and drop them into boiling water for about one hour. You serve with a little bear grease over the top.

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