Corn Meal Mush
se-lu i-sa a-ni-s-ta

  • corn meal
  • boiling water
  • (1 part corn meal to 4 parts water)
  • salt to taste

Add to pot of salted boiling water enough cornmeal to thicken. Add slowly, but stir briskly to keep from making lumps. Cook until meal is thoroughly done and mushy.

Microwave Corn Meal Mush (easy to cook in the microwave)

  • 1 cup corn meal
  • 4 cups of water
  • salt to taste

Use a big enough bowl. I use a 2 quart Corningware dish. Otherwise, your meal will boil over! Cook on high for about 8 minutes. Remove and stir. Hot and ready to eat. Add extra water for thinner mush.

Hot mush is great to eat on a cold dreary day! In my family mush is often fixed for a quick evening meal.

Add a little butter and milk. Cold mush can be sliced and fried. Fried mush with syrup makes a delicious breakfast dish.

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