Amazing Grace

This hymn was written in 1779 by John Newton who, until his early 20's, was an unbeliever. A decade later he had become a devout preacher.

The tune was known as "an early American Melody" and became a favorite of the Cherokees. It was sung on the Trail of Tears and can be considered the Cherokee National anthem.

u ne la nv i u we tsi
God's Son
i ga gu yv he i
paid for us.
hna quo tso sv wi yu lo se
Now to heaven He went
i ga gu yv ho nv
after paying for us.
a se no i u ne tse i
Then He spoke
i yu no du le nv
when He rose.
ta li ne dv tsi lu tsi li
I'll come the second time
u dv ne u ne tsv
He said when He spoke.
e lo ni gv ni li s qua di
All the world will end
ga lu tsv ha i yu
when He returns
ni ga di da ye di go i
We will all see Him
a ni e lo ni gv
here the world over.
u na da nv ti a ne hv
The righteous who live
do da ya nv hi li
He will come after.
tso sv hna quo ni go hi lv
In heaven now always
do hi wa ne he s di
in peace they will live.

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