hi-s-gi tsa-la-gi' go-we-lv:-i
by Richard Francis

In Lesson 4, we learned to count from sixteen to twenty and filled in the syllabary for these numbers. In this lesson we will see if the syllabary we filled in is correct and this will be enough numbers for now. We will see more numbers in later lessons. We will also introduce some more vocabulary words to help build a language base from which to work. Make certain to fill in the syllabary for the new material below and to review the old material.

Answers to Lesson 4:

16. sixteen da-la-du-i

17. seventeen ga-li-qua-du-i

18. eighteen ne-la-du-i

19. nineteen so-hne-la-du-i

20. twenty ta-li-s-go-hi

A Short Dialog (from Lesson 4):

(1) First person (2) Second person

(1) Jane o-si-yo, do-hi-tsu

(2) Carl o-si-yo, o-s-da

(1) Ha-tlv he'-ga

(2) Di-que-nv-sv-i ge:-ga

(1) Da-ni-la'-wi-ga ge:-ga

(2) Do-nv-da-go-hv-i

(1) Ho-wa

Vocabulary (keyed to the dialog):

(1) Jane o-si-yo, do-hi-tsu Jane hello, how are you?

(2) Carl o-si-yo, o-s-da Carl hello, I am fine.

(1) Ha-tlv he'-ga Where are you going?

(2) Di-que-nv-sv-i ge:-ga I am going home.

(1) Da-ni-la'-wi-ga ge:-ga I am going to church service.

(2) Do-nv-da-go-hv-i Until we meet again.

(1) Ho-wa All right!

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