i gv yi i' tsa la gi' go hwe lv' i
by Richard Francis

Grammatical Rules: Keep these in mind when pronouncing words.

  • *An apostrophes (' ) means that the syllable is accented
  • * A question mark (?) between the syllables of a word indicates a pause
  • called a glottal stop. This means that you stop dead momentarily between these syllables, then go on, as in the English word "O.K."
  • *A colon (:) after a vowel means that the vowel sound is held longer than usual


Let's begin with counting. Use the syllabary chart to fill in the blanks. The first one is done to illustrate.

One sa' quu i

Two _________ ta? li

Three _________ tso: i'

Four _________ nv: gi'

Five _________ hi: s gi'

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