ta li' ne tsa la gi' go hwe lv' i
by Richard Francis

In the last lesson we learned to count from one to five and filled in the syllabary for these numbers. In this lesson we will see if the syllabary we filled in is correct and will move on to numbers six through ten. We will also introduce some phrases to greet your friends with and the phrases with which they might respond. Next we introduce a few vocabulary words to help build a language base to work from. Hang on 'cause here we go!

Fill the blanks by referring to your syllabary.

1. one sa - quu - i

2. two ta? - li

3. three tso: - i

4. four nv: -gi

5. five hi: - s - gi

6. six __________ su - da - li

7. seven __________ ga - li -quo: - gi

8. eight __________ tsu - ne: - la

9. nine __________ so -ne: -la

10. ten __________ s - go - hi

A short dialog:

First person
Bill, O si yo __________ do hi tsu________.

Second person
O s da ________, ni hi na ___________.

First person
O s da dv ____________.

Second person
Ho wa __________.

Vocabulary: (keyed to the dialog)

o si yo (hello)______do hi tsu (how are you)

o s da (fine)______ni hi na (and you)

o s da dv (fine)

ho wa (alright!)

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