su-da-li-ne tsa-la-gi' go-we-lv:-i
by Richard Francis

Emphasis in this lesson will be learning the syllabary, building basic vocabulary and using short common phrases.

Syllabary: Under each symbol write the sound it makes. Refer to your syllabary chart as needed. Take fifteen minutes and rewrite these over and over on another piece of paper until you no longer need to refer to the chart. Do this again each day for five days in a row. If you do - you will then know them. Then try to fill in the syllabary for the vocabulary words using the same method. Be certain to say each word aloud as you complete it. Don't forget to cover the syllabary to the right - use it to check yourself. Remember repitition is the key to learning.


where ha:-tlv ______________

what ga-do' ______________

I go ge:-ga ______________

you go he'-ga ______________

he/she/it goes e:-ga ______________

they go a- ne:-ga ______________

I do (am doing) ga-dv-ne-ha ______________

you do (are doing) ha-dv-ne-ha ______________

he/she is doing a-dv-ne-ha ______________


Where am I going? Ha-tlv ge:-ga? ______________

Where are you going? Ha-tlv he:-ga? ______________

Where is he/she going? Ha-tlv e:-ga? ______________

What am I doing? Ga-do ga-dv-ne-ha? ______________

What are you doing? Ga-do ha-dv-ne-ha? ______________

What is he/she doing? Ga-do a-dv-ne-ha? ______________

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