Robert Bateman

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"Vigilance" is dedicated to the preservation of the natural beauty of the Earth. "The air is the eagles' domain, and I wanted to capture the presence of the atmosphere. My subjects, the atmosphere, the trees and the bald eagle, were chosen as symbols of issues that require our commitment to the preservation of our planet."

"I consider Vigilance my most important bald eagle painting. It has the most dramatic qualities, which is appropriate for what may be the most dramatic bird in North America. The whole feeling of this painting reminds me of Sung dynasty painting and Japanese brush painting. There is an empty quadrant in the upper left of the painting, because empty space is essential and meaningful to me as it was to the ancient orientals. Vigilance also has a kind of 'now you see it, now you don't' quality. Like the effect of ink on silk, the painting looks flat, but it has depth. The strong verticals of the trees and the cliffs are also related to these oriental schools of art. The snow adds a seasonal note that makes the painting a moment in time, like a tapestry.

As in most of my paintings, there is an enviornmental message in Vigilance. I like the mysteriousness of the old growth forests, particularly those of the Pacific Northwest. These are giant cedars, the legendary tree of the West Coast Indians. They are so precious yet we are consuming them at an alarming rate. Every day, the bald eagle must be vigilant to survive. We too must be vigilant, every day, to protect."

Image 8"x10", Prestige edition (one of 500 original lithographs) $750.00
Image 31"x24", signed and numbered limited edition print $335.00

The Air, the Forest and the Watch

(24k.jpeg) For more than 50 years, the National Wildlife Federation has been the catalyst for educating and uniting an ever-growing number of citizens dedicated to America's wildlife heritage. The Federation enthusiastically encourages all wildlife efforts throughout the United States.

Robert Bateman's special time-limited edition print, The Air, the Forest and the Watch, has been published as part of a special National Wildlife Federation concervation program in observance of Earth Day 1990. Proceeds from the sale of The Watch will go to the National Wildlife Federation to further their ongoing efforts in global conservation.

Image 23"x34.5", $325.00

Female Cardinal


Image 8.5"x10", $175.00

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