Bev Doolittle

Bev Doolittle and Paul Winter, composer.

"Where do you get your ideas?" The question often asked, is one that Bev Doolittle finds easy to answer. "My paintings are rooted in my own experience." Bev, of course, experiences places and events in a unique way.

From the day Bev and her husband, Jay, set off as "Traveling Artists" often stopping their travel trailer alongside the road to sell their work, they have sought new experiences to spark painting ideas. At first, it seemed like Bev was painting faster than she could live. Now her life races along, crowded with new experiences, and she wonders if her brush will ever catch up.

Every painting idea is described in long hand on an index card and carefully filed away along with thousands of catalogued photos. Teamwork turns out to be the answer. Since Bev shares most of her experiences with Jay, an artist in his own right, and since they discuss most of the painting ideas that result, he is ideally qualified to serve as archivist and often does so. Happily both Doolittles have a talent for organization, and can usually lay their hands on anything they're looking for after exchanging a few of the unfinished sentences used by people who know each other well.

Looking back at her career, one thing stands out over the past twenty years. When faced with a choice, she always picked the option that allowed her to do the best paintings. Time and money were always less important considerations. She could have done simpler, less time consuming paintings for the outdoor art fairs and made more money. She could have continued doing the "You and Me" paintings she did with Jay, where he painted the background and she painted the image subject. She could have avoided complex subjects and produced more published prints each year. Instead, she has developed a unique style that is truly inspiring to all who experience the hidden spirit of nature through her beautiful work.

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