Power, Swiftness and Balance

By watching the swift movements of the cougar, one is keenly aware that no movement is wasted, no footing unplanned, in their quest for the item they desire. The cougar never wastes anything, but the grace of this hunter provides the young with nourishment and security. Cougars mark their home range, which differs from a true territory because the home ranges often overlap. The juveniles may establish a home range of from six to ten miles away. Within that area, the cat maintains a small resting range for its exclusive use while sharing the remaining hunting area with its neighbor. The cougar scrapes together a pile of leaves along well-traveled trails and marks them with urine. Any wandering lion respects the "No Tresspassing" sign and turns away to avoid conflict.

Someone with "Mountain lion or Cougar Medicine" is likely to be very sure of his or her goals or purpose. They often prefer solitude, and have little regret in taking the easiest prey.

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