Honoring the Animal Spirits

In the Native American tradition, man communicated with the Creator through interaction with nature; the birds, the forest, the animals.... Many chose or were given symbolic "power animals" whose strength or character reflected the human character traits of the individuals claiming the "power" of that specific animal. Much of this attitude has carried over into modern society as advertisements picture tigers with gas tanks (speed and power) or the U.S Government and the bald eagle (power from a lofty position). :)

"What does the symbol of a bear, a whale, a wolf, ..... mean?" Each picture or listing provides a starting place in understanding the possible symbolism of each of nature's creations. Tribal legends or stories have been added to many of the animals. Pen and ink symbols were created by art students from Dulles High School of Missouri City, Texas. A special thanks to Dorothea M. Exis for the Powerful Symbols logo at the top of this page.


It is our intent to spur your interest into further examination of possible symbolism of each listing and how it may relate to you personally. By no means do we intend that this list represents a totality of information as individual tribes have adopted specific symbolic meanings based on their own cultural folklore. Further references can be found at the conclusion of each article.

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