How many times have your heard someone say the phrase "breeds like rabbits"? The story is told how Rabbit once was a brave warrior who was befriended by an Eye Watcher, a kindly spirit who gave it water to drink and food to eat. Rabbit followed her faithful friend up the mountain, glancing away for just a moment causing Rabbit to tumble down the mountain. When Eye Watcher ran toward Rabbit to see if she was hurt, Rabbit tried to hide for she was afraid. When Eye Watcher asked Rabbit why she was hiding, Rabbit said that she was afraid because following Eye Watcher had caused her to fall. Eye Watcher was furious with Rabbit and cursed rabbit to be the "caller of fear" who is often startled by its own shadow. Rabbit reminds us not to be afraid. Fearful thoughts reproduce (like rabbits) and bring the very thing we fear.

The Rabbit and His Friend

The rabbit wanted some peanuts cooked, but he wasn't allowed to have any. He said (to his wife), I'm going to the ball game. A friend of mine will arrive here. You must cook him dinner - you might cook him some peanuts - when he finishes eating, tell him to come over to the ball game."

When he walked out some distance from the house, he took out one of his eyes. (He had said to his wife, "You will certainly know him (the friend) because he has one eye.) Sure enough he took out one of his eyes and put it on a stump, left it there and went back home. When he got home, he was fed all the peanuts he wanted.

(No! When he arrived, he had two eyes because when the "friend" arrived, it was he who arrived. The peanuts had been cooked, and he ate all he wanted and then left. He wanted to tell a lie about it, so he took out his eye.)

"They hit me in the eye at the ball game and made me blind forever."

This was the story that he wanted people to believe, they say. That's all.

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