Courage, Spirit, and Bravery

Eagles have long been associated with the highest pursuits. In 1969 a voice rang out to the world, "The eagle has landed." What better symbology for a landing on the moon than the "eagle". From the time that the Persians and Romans carried eagles into battle, these majestic birds have symbolized courage, strength and bravery. As aerial hunters, eagles are the undisputed masters of the skies. Many tribes have identified the eagle as the one closest to the Creator.

The wings of the eagle are an engineering marvel with feathers that can act as little winglets to reduce turbulence, increase lift, and prevent stalling at low speeds. With a grasp much stronger than a human hand, the eagles talons have legendary power. It uses its powerful back talon to kill small prey instantaneously while its front three grasp its prey securely.

Eagle feathers, revered by Native American Healers as having powerful medicine, are regulated by a "feather bank", insuring that eagles are not killed for their powerful medicine. Eagle Medicine is the power of the Great Spirit. It is the spirit of tenacity. People with Eagle Medicine often have "high ideals", and need space to spread their wings. It is no accident that men in many tribes adorned themselves with eagle feathers given for acts of courage and bravery, and that a healer gingerly wraps his eagle feather in his medicine bundle after a ceremony.

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