ARIZONA - The Grand Canyon State

The Hopi Prophecy Rock - Hopi Reservation, AZ

"Long before Pahana, the white man, ever set foot in the Americas; long before the hegemony of the red race had been challenged by light-skinned people, as the prophecies told us it would - a spot in the immensity of the desert, a center of Spiritual power, was Hopi. The land of the peaceful ones. The continent was different then: much space, few to occupy it.

But the energy coming from Hopi is in realms where communications are not of this world; in dimensions set by Taiowa and expressed by Massoua. Hopi was the thread, the bridge, the place of peace and balance.

If perhaps there is a name, a word, that can show the world what Hopi peace is - it is balance. The world must grow, expand, but it must do it in balance. Otherwise, nature, the great regulator, will take over, as it is now, with floods, eruptions, famine, earthquakes. This is nature at war, nature that will convince humankind of the need for balance, to set in motion positive energies to reestablish a world in balance.

In the beginning, we are told, Taiowa, the Creator, gave us his life plan, as it is written on the Rock of Oraibi which we call the prophecy.

If we hold fast to the sacred way as he devised it for us, what we have gained, we will never lose. But still, we have to choose between the two ways. This is the balance of Taiowa's way. For he will always meet us halfway. That is why on the sacred petroglyph he is portrayed holding in his hand the thread of the sacred way. In the other hand is the bow, for the Bow Clan is the one which led us out of the Underworld at the beginning of the Hopi Way. That is what the arrow shot from the bow means on the rock. The diagram shows two lines: the lower line is the path of the Great Spirit, for in its last end, a man is bending on the cane the old ones use, pointing to the corn, which is the sacred food that nourished us from the start. The old one shows he was the first and he will be the last. And so will we if we hold fast to his pathway.

But next to him, beware of the other way, the way of life of those who do not pray. It is easy enough to see that their heads are not fastened on their body, as it happens with people who use their mind, instead of their faith in the spirit way. As Taiowa's life plan shows, their line ends in a zig-zag way, in the void of the mind of the faithless life and the fruitless.

But there is another line on the sacred map drawn on the rock - a vertical line that connects the two ways. It is like a ladder that some might use to change ways, to go from the way of peace and balance - Taiowa's Way - to a path that seems to many a much easier one. Finally seeing that the Hopi Way of balance is the only chance, many will choose to climb down the ladder, to go through the Great Spirit gateway.

This time of confusion, in which many will choose either path, is called a time of purification. The prophecy says the earth will shake three times: first the Great War, then the Second One, when the Swastika rose above the battlefield of Europe, to end in the Rising Sun sinking in a sea of blood. The end of an Empire .... or perhaps the beginning of another? Now what would the third one be? This, the Prophecy does not say. For it depends on which path humankind will walk: the greed, the comfort, and the profit, or the path of love, strength, and balance.

When strong-hearted people keep on singing the Song of Creation, they will find the true path, forgotten by many, so Grandpa David says. When prayer and meditation are used rather than relying on new inventions to create more imbalance, they will also find the true path. Mother Nature tells us which is the right way. When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought, and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have then come for the return to the true path, or going the zig-zag way.

Long ago, Massoua told us, "Remeber the Pahana, the white brother. He has the other stone tablet, but he has not returned it, yet. He will be sent so the people who held fast to the Hopi Way can be spared from destruction. He is the purifier, for people to go on with the Great Spirit life plan. It will then open our hearts and minds when a new age is about to be, with people renewed and purified through fire.

It will be like the pure gold of a new day. But fire is red, and when it takes command, it will set the forces of nature in motion.

We will know when purification day has come. We all are the caretakers of life. The balance of nature depends on us. The world will be what we want it to be." From "Meditations With the Hopi", by Robert Boissiere.

San Francisco Peaks - Flagstaff, AZ

In the beginning there was endless space, in which nothing existed but Tawa, the sun spirit, who contrived to gather some of the elements of space and inject some of his own substance to create the First World, inhabited largely by insect creatures which lived in dark caves and fought among themselves. Tawa sent a new spirit, Grandmother Spider, down to prepare them for a long trip. She led them on a long journey during which they changed form, grew fur on their bodies, acquired tails, and took the shapes of dogs, wolves and bears. They arrived at the Second World, but Tawa was still displeased, for the creatures did not understand the meaning of life any more than their predecessors had. So Grandmother Spider was dispatched again, and while she led them on their second journey, Tawa created a Third World, lighter and moist. By the time they arrived in the Third World, they had become people. Spider Grandmother cautioned them to renounce evil and live in harmony.

They built villages and planted corn. But it was cold. Again, Spider Grandmother arrived; she taught them how to weave and make pots. But the pots could not be baked and the corn did not grow well because of the chill. One day the hummingbird arrived, explaining that he had been sent by Masauwu, who lived yet another world above the sky called the Upper World, and he was the owner of fire. The hummingbird taught the people to make fire with a drill and left.

They learned to bake the pottery so it wouldn't break; they warmed the fields by lighting fires; they cooked their meat instead of eating it raw. Things were better in the Third World now.

But soon sorcerers (powakus) began to unleash evil in the world, making medicines that would harm people and turn their minds from virtue. Men gambled instead of tending their fields. One account tells that Grandmother Spider came again, to warn them, telling them that they should leave this world and go to the Upperworld. Another account says that a wise chief prayed for four days and asked the birds, the mockingbird, the canary, the eagle, the hawk, the swallow and finally the shrike who flew up into the opening and out the other side where it was a better, brighter world. The shrike returned with the news.

Some say that a boy who reminded them of a chipmunk planted a "fir-pine", then a "long needle-pine", and finally a bamboo stalk. Again the birds flew to the top of the tree and after finding the way up to the top, told the people that they could climb up the inside of the stalk to reach the Fourth World.

There was a lot of work to be done to make the Fourth World inhabitable, it seems, and by one account it was Grandmother Spider who created the Twin Peaks (San Francisco Peaks). The peaks are considered by many to be one of the homes of the Kachina's, the spirit essence of everything in the real world.

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