Native American Guide to Power Places - Southwest

To the Native Americans the Earth was regarded as a living creature, a Mother, who naturally supplied her children, all creatures great and small, with everything needed from the bounty of her own substance. The Indians might surely have been the first true naturalists. They love and respect the Earth and feel a kinship with all the things of the Earth. In all tribal histroy, there are stories of man's interaction with the forces of nature, the spirits of the land. Many of these stories involve specific landmarks or areas that are still alive and visible today. It is with this reverence in mind, that we wish to direct you to these places of power. Our hope is that you may develop a similar kinship with the land, hear the voices of nature, see the spirit of the wind and the mountains, and return changed in a way that only contact with such magnificant power could explain.

TEXAS - The Lone Star State
NEW MEXICO - The Land of Enchantment

ARIZONA - The Grand Canyon State

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