"The Pow Wow Trail" by Julia White

In The Beginning

Why is there is so much resistance to the word "Indian"? The word evolved from the term "Los Indios", meaning the people of the Indies, when Columbus thought he had landed there. He hadn't, and they weren't, but the word has stuck throughout the centuries. "The First Peoples" or "Indigenous Peoples" is really accurate; "Original Americans" is O.K., but most people have become accustomed to "Native Americans", or "American Indian". It's more respectful of an ancient race which is, after all, one of the four races of man: Black, White, Yellow and Red.

It is important that we remember our geography, and realize that The Americas stretch from the Sub-Arctic to the tip of South America, and that "America" is far more than just "The United States of America". All of America is the home of the Native American, and a Pow Wow is one event where you may see Natives from North, Central and South America gathered in one place with a common purpose - the celebration of their heritage.

  • "The Pow Wow Trail"

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