Precedence Gift Shop invites you to experience the distinctive, handcrafted, limited edition signed and numbered pieces from renowned artist Sue Ellen Malone. Every distinguished home should have one of these rarities.

Dream Spirit
11.5" x 12" - Handcrafted, bronzed ceramic $880.00

"She hears voices others do not hear; sees visions that confirm her dreams." - Eagle Old Man

"The Indian does not consider herself idle when she stands still watching, listening, seeing the stars, or watching the sunset. Her spirit-eyes absorb these signs and wonders to feed her when she cannot see the rolling hills, the flowing streams." - Joyce Sequichie Hifler

She Who Sees Only Beauty
10.5"x 11" - Handcrafted, bronzed ceramic bust $1250.00

"Painting a picture is much the same as living a life. Some of us only get the outlined sketched while others find time and desire to mix beautiful colors and brush them on canvas. The Master Artist gave us all pallets and pots of bright colors to use boldly, or to mix in subtle but lively shades. We have been give the general sketch but it is left to us to fill in the colors, harmonizing and blending until we get the right tones. Each of us is a painter and each has the charge to make life a work of art." - Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Wise Woman
6"x 5" - Handcrafted, bronzed ceramic $650.00

"When we rely on other people for what we need to know, we are vulnerable to their mistakes. What others give us may be sincere and it may be genuine, but all information is a matter of how we read it. What one person says with one meaning may reach the ear of another with a different understanding. Wisdom comes from the same source regardless of where we hear it, but it is better to take the words of wisdom and work them through our own minds for direction and understanding. " - Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Earth Vase I
8"x 8.5" - Handcrafted, bronzed ceramic $850.00

"Touching the earth is resting on the breast of our mother. It is once again finding our beginnings - a knowing that this place where we stand or walk or plow or plant, is something created for us. We know it because the pulse of the earth slows our own and tranquilizes our confusion. Can there be anything more beautiful than something that reminds us to connect with the earth." - Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Wolf Courage
7"x 8" - Handcrafted, bronzed ceramic $550.00

"Like attracts like. If we give up, so will others. If we cry, so will others. But if we decide this is a new beginning, others will take courage. We influence other people. Just like the wolf, we can sense when we are near that which we seek. If this is good for us, it is good for all who know us." - SueEllen Strapp

Talks to Nature
11" x 9" - Handcrafted, bronzed ceramic $750.00

"Like the wildwood birds which our fathers used to hold their breath to hear, they sing in concert ... alike in forest and field ... alike before wigwam or castle ... alike."

"We sang songs that carried in their melodies all the sounds of nature - the running of the waters, the sighing of winds, and the calls of the animals. Teach your children ..." - Pokagon

My goal is to keep the site supplied with quality pieces that will interest collectors and art lovers alike. Since all items on the site are limited editions, it is important to order promptly. - SueEllen Malone

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