Tommy Wildcat's Warrior Spirit Productions is an independent production company organized by twins Tommy and Tammy Wildcat. Tommy...singer, fancy war dancer and river cane flute player...has produced four audio cassettes including Warrior's Spirit which is also available as a CD.

Tommy and his sister Tammy became well known along with their dance troupe, Dancers of Fire, when they received national attention during appearances in the Discovery Channel's award winning mini-series "How the West was Lost" (Cherokee Trail of Tears Episode), Schlegender Production's "The Cherokee People," Grey Stone Productions' "The Trail of Tears," and AETN's "The Cherokee Keetoowas." Tommy also appeared in TNT's "Tecumseh: The Last Warrior."

Warrior's Spirit Productions' mission is to promote positive messages about Cherokee tribal culture that are not to be found in textbooks, thus helping to meet a need common to all human beings; the need to understand and be understood. One need only to listen to Tommy's beautiful and heart-warming music to "feel" it's true intention.

"Tommy, ....and the entire Wildcat family are highly respected Cherokee people who produce excellent and culturally rewarding recordings and I personally have the utmost admiration for their efforts in keeping the old ways alive. These are truly our brothers and sisters." ~ Tony Mack McClure, Ph.D.
Author of the Highly Acclaimed book
"Cherokee Proud"

The following cassette recordings are currently available for $12.00 (check or money order) including postage:

  • Warrior's Spirit (Cherokee River Cane Flute)
  • Cherokee Flute Songs and Voices
  • GWY (Stomp Dance)
  • Cherokee Songs and Flute featuring "Amazing Grace"

Warrior's Spirit is also available in CD for $17 postage included.

Mail Orders to:
A Warrior's Spirit Productions
P.O. Box 66
Park Hill, Ok 74451

Copyright © 1997 Warrior Spirit Productions

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