Woman Spirit

By Julia White
Graphic: Spirit Guardian © by Diana Stanley
Julia C. White was born in North Carolina of Cherokee/Sioux heritage, and currently lives in Southern California. She received her MBA in Florida, was a certified teacher for some 10 years, and spent the last 14 years as a paralegal. Julia is a contributing writer for the international magazine, Connecting Link, with a column of historical information on Native American Nations. She is the author of "Woman Spirit".

Dahteste - Mescalero Apache
Nancy Ward - Cherokee
Juana Maria - Chumash
Coosaponakeesa - Creek
Kateri Tekakwitha - Mohawk
Hanging Cloud - Ojibwa
Susan La Flesche - Omaha
Tocmetone - Paiute
Sacajawea - Shoshoni
Pocahontas - Powhatan
Kaitchkona Winema - Modoc Medicine Women
Cynthia Ann Parker - Comanche (Adopted)

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