Diana Elizabeth Stanley

Diana Elizabeth Stanley is a native of California, born in Santa Monica of Lenni-Lenape (re-named the Delaware) Native heritage. Diana was born clairvoyant, and her Vision Quest Portraits and Destiny Portraits are her way of bringing Spirit messages to those she paints.
Graphic: Winter Breakfast (Cherokee Fairy)

Diana has supported herself with her art throughout her lifetime. She has a series of postcards which come out of Germany; 2 series on collector plates currently available through The Bradford Exchange ("Visions of the Sacred" and "The Legend of the White Buffalo"); 8 paintings currently reproduced on cards from Spirit Art Cards; 2 book covers ("The Magickian" from Samuel Weiser & Co. and "Giants of Gaia" from Brotherhood of Life Publishing); 2 meditation tape covers from Chain Reactions, Inc., and numerous musical cassette covers around the world. Her art also appears on a regular basis in Connecting Link Magazine; both as covers and inside illustrations.

Recent projects for Diana include commissions from The Marshall Islands and The Republic of Micronesia for their 1996 stamp offerings; original illustrations for the book "The Pow Wow Trail" just released; another new book project with her manager, Julia White; 4 puzzles due for release in 1996; production art for a major science/fiction motion picture, and continuing special assignments and commissions. Her original work may be seen on a continuing basis at exhibits, art shows and competitions across the United States.

Diana has very distinctive styles as you will see from the exhibit at this site. She is equally known for her fantasy art, wildlife, Native American, western and impressionistic creations -- each with its own special quality. Additional images are available, both as limited edition and open edition, through 4 Winds Publishing . For additional information on Diana's existing art and/or details on special projects and commission work, e-mail her manager, Julia White, at meyna@mindspring.com

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