Julia White

Julia C. White was born in North Carolina of Cherokee/Sioux heritage, and currently lives in Southern California. She received her MBA in Florida, was a certified teacher for some 10 years, and spent the last 14 years as a paralegal. Julia is a contributing writer for the international magazine, Connecting Link, with a column of historical information on Native American Nations. She is the author of two books, The Pow Wow Trail and Animal Walk about the use of animal teachings for our greater insight and awareness. She is available for lectures and inter-active seminars on Native American Awareness, and a series on self-awareness and personal growth called "Re-Creating You", and will travel where the interests lie. Julia can be reached at e-mail meyna@mindspring.com or visit her website at www.meyna.com.

There has not been a time since I was a child that I have not been writing something, and digging to find an elusive fact. I found my true niche in life, it seems, when I discovered my Native heritage. In my search for information about all Native peoples, I had no trouble finding historical fact, data, academic discussion and dissertation. It was so cold and hard and dispassionate that it was if these tomes were written about a race of people who had ceased to exist. There was nothing about the fire, passion, and heartbeat of the living, breathing people who were the ancients and the ancestors.

It's easy to find information about migration patterns, language groupings, the "Indian wars", and other impersonal facts. It took a little longer to learn that the Chumash were gifted astronomers who had charted the heavens; that the Crow had a passion for long hair; that the Catawba were tatooed with long fingernails who used quartz crystal for their arrowheads and spear points; that the Anasazi women had hair only about 2 inches long all over their head for their hair was a primary weaving fiber, or that the Cherokee War Women and Beloved Women were a driving force in their culture. The use of crystals is certainly not "new age" since the Cherokee had a respect for crystal divination, and their everyday use, that is unparalled in Native nations.

These are the human elements that make the ancestors real, and this is the type of information you will find here at Powersource. If I strike your fancy enough to make you begin your own quest for information, then I have served my purpose. May you walk in peace and harmony.

Graphic: Julia White - Destiny Portrait © by Diana Stanley

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