Hanging Cloud (Chippewa Princess) - Ojibwa

By Julia White
For some reason not found by me, the Ojibwa were called the Chippewa by white settlers. Hanging Cloud was called the "Chippewa Princess" by those settlers who knew of her mighty deeds for her reputation was widespread.

Hanging Cloud was the daughter of an Ojibwa chief, and was the only woman of the Ojibwa Nation ever allowed to become a full warrior. She wore war paint, carried full battle weapons, and was a deadly warrior. As a warrior, she took part in battles, raids, hunting parties, and all sporting events reserved for warriors. She was also a full member of the war council, performed war dances, and participated in all warrior ceremonies.

Little else is known about Hanging Cloud, but she is legendary among the tribes of the Northern Plains. If any reader can direct this writer to information about this fascinating woman, it would be very much appreciated. I would like to be able to learn about her, and expand on the limited knowledge easily available on her.

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