A Travelers Guide to the Cherokee Nation

Adair County

Fairfield Mission
SH-59, 5 miles south of Stilwell.
Cemetary, some of the oldest marked graves in Oklahoma.

Baptist Mission
Junction US-62 and SH-59
Known as Bread Town by Cherokees, Bacone College in Muskogee is an outgrowth of this mission.

Stilwell Chamber of Commerce
419 S. 2nd, 74960
(918) 696-7845

Cherokee Nation Bingo Outpost
West Siloam Springs
Hwy-412 and SH-59
(918) 422-5100

Cherokee County

Tahlequah, Capital of The Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Nation Gift Shop
Prints, Pottery, Baskets, Jewelry, Souvenirs.
Tahlequah, Hwy-62 S.
(918) 456-2793

Oklahoma's First Newspaper
101 S. Muskogee, Cherokee Square
The Cherokee Advocate 1884 Monument

Rileys Chapel
US-62, 1.5 miles South
October 23, 1844, first annual Indian Mission Conference of Methodist Church

Cherokee Heritage Center
Three miles S. of Tahlequah
(918) 456-6007
Cherokee National Museum, Ancient Village, Adams Corner, and Trail of Tears Drama.

Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex
Three miles south of Tahlequah on US-62
(918) 456-0671
Headquarters of the Cherokee Tribe; tours available on request.

John Vaughan Library
NSU, Tahlequah
(918) 456-5511, Ext. 3200
Native American Research Collection

Murrell Home
Three miles south of Tahlequah on SH-62
(918) 456-2751
Shows life of affluent Cherokees in the 1800's.

Northeastern State University
(918) 456-5511
Some say visitors can still hear the laughter of lovely, young Cherokee women in the halls and classrooms of the Cherokee National Female Seminary, now called Seminary Hall, located in the center of NSU campus.

Northeastern State University Center for Tribal Studies
320 Academy St, 74464
(918) 456-5511

Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce
123 E. Delaware St, 74464
(918) 456-3742

Thompson Home
College Ave. & Choctaw,
P.O. Box 1449, Tahlequah, 74465
(918) 458-0985
Historical home, on National Register of Historic Places, historical dramatic performances.

Cherokee National Capitol Building
Cherokee Square
Erected in 1870, houses the Cherokee Nation court system and election board.

Cherokee Supreme Court Building
Tahlequah, Keetoowah St. and Water Ave.
Built in 1844 is the oldest government building in Oklahoma.

Tsa-la-gi Library
124 E. Choctaw St., 74464
(918) 458-0577
Built in 1874 as the Cherokee National Prison. Now a Cherokee research library.

Lake Tenkiller Association
P.O.Box Ten-K, Cookson, 74427
(918) 457-4403

Craig County

Old Military Road Near Ketchum
SH-82 & SH-85
Traces of old military road to Ft. Gibson found near here, route crossed present highways.

Vinita Chamber of Commerce
104 E Illinois, 74301
(918) 256-7133

Delaware County

Cherokee-Seneca Boundary West side of US-59
The land on the north side owned by Senecas of Sandusky following the OH 1831 Treaty. The land on the south side owned by the Cherokees following the 1828 treaty.

Watie and Ridge
On SH-10, north of SH-25
Stand Watie and John Ridge signed 1835 treaty for the Cherokee removal from Georgia to Indian Territory.

New Springplace and Morvaian Mission at Oaks
Closed during Civil War after missionary J. Ward, a Cherokee, was killed by Cherokees loyal to the Union.

Grove Chamber of Commerce
104 W. 3rd, 74344
(918) 786-9079

Delaware County Historical Museum
Community Center, Jay, 74346
Indian artifacts, country store, & period rooms.

Jay Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 74346
(918) 253-8689

Bernice Chamber of Commerce
Seven miles south of Junction US-59 & SH-125
P.O.Box 3807, 74331
(918) 256-7777

Talbot Library & Museum
406 S. Colcord Ave, Colcord, 74338
(918) 346-4532
Natural History, Indian Artifacts, research & lending library.

Mayes County

Salina Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 186, 74365
(918) 434-2555

Adair Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 215, 74350
(918) 782-3449

Coo-y-Yah County Museum
P.O.Box 981, Pryor, 74362
(918) 825-2222

Battle of Locust Grove 1862
US-412, Pipe Spring Park
Federal troops surprised Confederate troops and captured their heavy supplies and officers.

Cabin Creek Battle Field
US-69 north of Patton
Confederate force of 2,000 captured 130 wagon convoy with supplies worth 1.5 million.

Battle of Cabin Creek
2.5 miles north of Pensacola
Monument to Civil War Battle of Cabin Creek.

Chouteau Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 332, 74337
(918) 476-8222

Locust Grove Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 525, 74352
(918) 479-6336

Willard Stone Museum
One mile east on US-412, Locust Grove
(918) 479-6481

South Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 215, Langley 74350
(918) 782-3449

McIntosh County

Honey Springs Battle Field Park
3.5 Miles N. E, off Hyy. 69
(918) 473-6377
Site of largest Civil War battle in Oklahoma. Re-enactment/commemoration every three years.

Muskogee County

Fort Gibson Chamber of Commerce
City Hall
(918) 478-2341

Fort Gibson Military Park
One mile north of town on SH-80
(918) 478-2669
Built in 1824 to protect the Cherokee from the Osage tribe. The reconstructed stockade houses displays and restored 1870 furnished barracks.

Fort Gibson Military Cemetary
One mile east of city off US-62
(918) 478-2334
Graves of early explorers, pioneers, veterans of every war. Cherokee wife of Sam Houston, Tiana Rogers, is buried in the Officers Circle. Only military cemetary in Oklahoma.

Bacone College
Hwy-62 & Hwy-16
Founded in 1880 as a Cherokee Baptist Mission and is the oldest institution of higher education in the state of Oklahoma.

Muskogee Chamber of Commerce
425 Boston, 74401
(918) 682-2401

Ataloa Lodge Museum
Bacone College, Hwy-62 & Hwy-16
(918) 683-4581
Indian artifacts, Kachina doll collection, pottery, baskets and gifts.

Warner Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 9, 74469
(918) 463-2921

Wallis Museum
Connors State College Student Union, Warner, 74469
(918) 463-2931
Fossils, Rocks, and Indian Artifacts

Battle of Webbers Falls Park
P.O.Box Webbers Falls, 74470
(918) 464-2920

Webber Falls Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 216, 74470
(918) 464-2920

Cherokee Dixieland Museum
Webbers Falls
(918) 464-2920

Nowata County

Near Lenapa, Cherokee Bill committed his last crime.

South Coffeyville Convention & Visitors Bureau
807 Walnut, 74072
(918) 255-6045

Nowata Chamber of Commerce
126 S. Maple, 74048
(918) 273-2301

Nowata County Historical Museum
121 S. Pine
(918) 273-1191
More than 40, 000 artifacts belong to Nowata County citizens.

Ottawa County

Afton Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 611, 74331
(918) 257-4213

Dobson Museum
P.O. Box 545, Miami, 74355
(918) 542-5388

Miami Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 760, 74355
(918) 542-4481

State Traveler Information Center
Will Rogers Turnpike
(918) 542-9303

Rogers County

Chelsea Chamber of Commerce
618 S. Pine, 74016
(918) 789-2220

Claremore Chamber of Commerce
419 W. Will Rogers, 74017
(918) 341-2818

Will Rogers Memorial
1720 W. Will Rogers, Claremore
(800) 828-9643
Honors Oklahoma's favorite son. Family movies shown daily.

Oologah Chamber of Commerce
105 S. Maple, 74053
(918) 443-2790

Oologah Historical Museum
Maple & Cooweescoowee, 74053
(918) 443-2790

Oologah Lake Tourism Association
(918) 341-7510

Will Rogers Birthplace
Dog Iron Ranch, Hwy-169
(918) 275-4201
Will Rogers' boyhood home by Lake Oologah

Site of the Cooweescoowee Court House 1867.
Burned just before statehood.

Catoosa Chamber of Commerce
650 S. Cherokee, 74015
(918) 266-6042

Near Catoosa is Lookout Hill where confederate Indians kept watch over Verdigris Ford from 1861-65.

Cherokee Nation Bingo Outpost
Northeastern Oklahoma’s Premier Entertainment Center.
Catoosa, I-44 & 193rd Ave.
(918) 266-6700

Sequoyah County

Cherokee Nation Bingo Outpost
Northeastern Oklahoma’s Premier Entertainment Center.
I-40 & US-64
(918) 427-7491

Spiro Mounds Archaeological State Park
Rt.2, six miles northeast of Spiro, 74992
(918) 692-2062

Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce
111 N. Elm, Box 251, 74955
(918) 775-2558

Dwight Mission
11 Miles north of Sallisaw
(918) 775-2144
1829 Cherokee mission boarding school.

Cherokee Nation Gift Shop
I-40, Exit 308
(918) 775-2778
Sculptures, Pottery, Silverwork, Baskets, Jewelry and Souvenirs

Sequoyah's Home Site
(918) 775-2413
Home of the inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet

Tahlonteeskee-Cherokee Courthouse
On US-64, 3 Miles east of Gore
Western Cherokee Capital, 1829-39
(918) 489-5663
Serves as a Tourist Information Center, Museum and Gift Shop

Gore Chamber of Commerce
PO. Box 970, 74435
(918) 489-2534

State Travelers Information Center
On I-40, 17 miles west of the Oklahoma/Arkansas boarder near Sallisaw.

Tulsa County

Owasso Chamber of Commerce
315 S. Cedar, 74055
(918) 272-2141

Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 245, 74021
(918) 371-4703

Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
616 S. Boston, 74119
(918) 585-1201

Wagoner County

Wigwam Neosho
US-69 at Arkansas River Bridge.
Was trading post in 1829-33, built and operated by Sam Houston "The Raven" the adopted son of Cherokee Chief John Jolly.

Wagoner Chamber of Commerce
214 E Cherokee,
P, 0. Box 247, 74477
(918) 485-3414

Washington County

Bartlesville Area Chamber of Commerce
201 S.W. Keeler, 74005
(918) 336-8708

Bartlesville Area Historical Museum
Sixth St & Johnstone St
(918) 337-5353

Bartlesville Visitor Information Center
1400 S. E. Washington
(918) 333-1800

Woolaroc Wildlife Refuge & Museum
Bartlesville, 14 miles southwest on SH-123
(918) 336-0307

For additional information contact:

Cherokee Nation, Economic & Business Development Department. P.O.Box 948, Tahlequah, OK 74465.
(800) 850-0348

Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation, 2401 N. Lincoln Blvd., 505 Will Rogers Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, (800) 652-6552

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